Let's make the world a more unique place!
Make a choice, work in Germany!
We are looking for IT engineers and designers in Düsseldorf, Germany.
Be part of a large-scale service!

The society that we are aiming for

Surfing on the WEB can be really fun, but creating the WEB itself is much more fun.
Papyrus company operates a global web media service,
where anyone can freely disseminate information through the operation of a large-scale web service.
Towards to a free, more individualized world and you!.

From planning to operation, covers a great variety of projects

In Papyrus to keep generating new ideas,
we actively encourage our staff to share their ideas/ opinions based on cultural,
thought and carrier diversity during our regular meetings.
From developing to operation, you can have a hands-on experience related to service management.


We are looking for new staff to grow and improve together with us.

Papyrus, currently is expanding its global business, with a unic overseas presence.
We are looking forward hearing from those who would like to challenge their skills and abilities together with us on world wide scale basis.